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In the world of Feng Shui, there are various topics like the Zi Wei Dou Shu, Yi Jing (also known as I Ching), palm reading, date selection, stars and art of placement.


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Flying Star Placement for the Year 2002 (Yang Water Horse)

Year 2002 will come at 4 February 2002 @ 08:24 120E00

Readers may consider the following Flying Star Feng Shui Placement to enhance the auspiciousness of their house:

  1. North West (Qian Palace) [292.6 - 337.5]

    The auspicious white #8 arrives at Qian palace, it brings good fortune and smooth development to source of revenue and career. If desire to have good fortune in wealth and promotion in career, can consider putting white square rock or 8 white stones at the Qian palace.

  2. North (Kan Palace) [337.6 - 22.5]

    The green jade #3 arrives at Kan palace, with the present of water, wood becomes flourishing. It may bring quarrel, dispute and robbery. To remedy it, if there is a window, close it. Put at pottery vase there, with a red flower and green leaf plant. If there is dispute and lawsuit, you may consider placing a 'GuanYin' (Goddess of Mercy) the statue should be one that having 'GuanYin' brings her palms together.

  3. North East (Gen Palace) [22.6 - 67.5]

    The white #1 (water) arrives at Gen palace, it brings/indicates peach blossom, undertaking/career and study. If an unmarried person wishes to seek relationship, can put a multicoloured flower vase with clear water at this palace, this placement will bring romantic passion. But for married couples or family with children that are preparing for examination or wanting for promotion, then cannot use multicoloured flower vase, just use a white one and plant 4 'FuGui' (wealth and honour) bamboos with soil in the vase. If you see sewage from a window at Gen palace, then peach blossom will pile up at your door. Therefore, it is best to close this window to cure peach blossom. Alternatively, use green crystal 'WenChang' tower/pagoda to cure the peach blossom and assist career and study.

  4. East (Zhen Palace) [67.6 - 112.5]

    The yellow #5 illness star comes to Zhen palace, it is especially bad to elderly male member of the family. It can cause injury to hand and foot, or liver and stomach. The incident is usually occurring suddenly. To remedy this problem, place a 6 levels golden colour wind chime or salt + water + coins cure, or put 10 small calabashes.

  5. South East (Xun Palace) [112.6 - 157.5]

    The white (Qian metal) #6 comes to Xun palace, it will becomes worse when it meets with the monthly red #7, the meeting will bring traffic accident, problems with liver and gall, rheumatism, hand or foot sprain. To cure it, use fish tank, electrical powered water column. In the alternative, place the 'Fu Lu Shou' (Happiness, Prosperous, longevity) deity statues.

  6. South (Li Palace) [157.6 - 202.5]

    The black illness #2 arrives here, be careful of illness. It mainly brings problem related to stomach, abdomen, intestine; woman may face gynaecological problem. To cure, place 8 white jade stones, or place a 'YaoShiFo' (Medical Buddha) statue at Li palace.

  7. South West (Kun Palace) [202.6 - 247.5]

    The auspicious green #4 arrives at Kun palace, it brings literary works, it's a pity that it has come to an earth palace. If want to have good fortune in career and study, can rear a dragon ('LongTuZhu') fish here.

  8. West (Dui Palace) [247.6 - 292.5]

    The purple (fire) #9 comes to Dui palace, even though it is a noble star that has come to this palace, but if it has #7 facing star or the monthly #7 comes to this palace as well, then can bring fire disaster. To cure, place 8 white jade stones. It will bring good luck to career and wealth and even wife may become pregnant.

- Master Poh Wong

Quote:"I don't have to believe in Feng Shui, I do it because it helps me to have a better lifestyle!"...William Chan

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