How To Clean Diamonds

With day to day movements our diamonds get smudged and soiled or even not wearing, they collect dust. Lotions, soaps, our natural skin oils, can cause film and grime on diamonds and inhibit their brilliance. How to keep that Brilliance and Shine? A few minutes and a little care will keep your diamonds as fiery as the day you first saw it.

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Use an small soft brush such as an eyebrow or lip stick brush and soap and water to clean your jewelry. Place your jewelry in a bowl of warm sudsy water with a mild detergent. Slowly brush the diamonds with the soft bristles of the brush while they are in the suds. Rinse well to clear of the suds. By using a small kitchen strainer such as a tea strainer to contain them while rinsing under warm water. Finally with a lint free cloth, or a jewelry polish cloth to pat them dry. If your diamonds needed a stronger cleansing, you can soak them for 30 minutes in a solution of half and half water and ammonia. After 30 minutes of soaking, remove them and gently brush the mountings with a small brush. Then replace the pieces to the solution and swish them around in the mixture before removing them to rinse and pat dry. This will help maintain its shine and brilliance for longer periods.

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